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Content Marketing Blueprint

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Introducing ... Content Marketing Blueprint ...
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Content marketing has been around for a long time. As long as there has been a product to sell or a service to advertise, spoken or written content has been used to spread the word.
Incidentally, one content marketing plan or approach may be vastly different from another. For this reason, if you ask 10 different professional marketers to define content marketing, you are likely to get 10 separate responses.
For a simpler definition, consider content marketing as a way of creating and marketing different types of content to help you build your business. That content may be text-based, print media, video, or audio. Your content may be distributed online or off and could take the form of folders and flyers, blog posts and articles, images, infographics and digital posters, videos, e-books, webinars or podcasts. You may create your own content, or let your happy clients and customers make marketable content in the form of testimonials and interviews.
The content marketing blueprint you create using this guide will be catered to your unique business and needs. The many benefits of content marketing are as diverse as the different types of content you can use to receive those benefits.
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