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Introducing ... Podcasting ...

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A podcast is downloadable audio media that can be consumed at any time.

That is a basic and correct definition if a little incomplete.

Podcasts can also be seen as on-demand internet radio episodes accessible on and downloadable to a number of devices. Most podcasts publish episodes on a predictable, regular schedule, and these files are usually uploaded to sites like iTunes and Stitcher as MP3 files, but sometimes as WAV files.

Popular smartphones, modern tablets, and laptops make recording, uploading, and listening to podcasts simple.

By the way, podcasting may not seem right for every business. If you own a brick and mortar shoe store, you may not feel this type of marketing will pay off. Podcasting, editing audio, interviewing, and marketing your efforts can take a lot of time and energy, and in some cases money.

On the other hand, if you own a local or chain shoe store and you decide to launch a podcast, you can be pretty sure you will be the only one of your competitors doing so. A little creative thinking can show you how a podcast will work for any business.

And much more ...

From this ebook, you will learn the 8 step Podcasting formula to grow your business and profits!

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