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Video Marketing

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Introducing ... Video Marketing ...

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Video Marketing - Creating Free Content To Build Your Brand!

Video is the most rapidly increasing medium for engagement online. If you have any doubt as to why you should develop a video marketing
strategy for your business, then consider the words of marketing genius Seth Godin:

“ The web was built on words. And words, of course, are available to anyone who can type. They're cheap, easy to edit and incredibly powerful when used well "

Today's internet, though, is built on video. Much more difficult to create well, far more impactful when it works.

As the internet has developed, it has progressed from the standpoint where businesses that played a dictator role into one where they have eased off the direct sales pitches and moved to a conversational role.

The change in marketing strategy has come about as the web progressed from gaudy flash animations to more engaging copy, then inspiring photography and ultimately to video, which has not slowed in its takeover of online marketing.

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