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10 Most Common Ezine Publishing Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Introducing ... 10 Most Common Ezine Publishing Mistakes You Must Avoid ...

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Brief Note :
Publishing an Ezine is a lucrative business.
More and more people are jumping on the Ezine publishing band wagon.
Anyone can get an autoresponder and compile their own newsletters and e-courses to their subscribers at the cost of pennies. It is no surprise that Ezines are the choice of medium for list building and selling ad spaces.
However, there are a lot of mistakes made by newbies. Mistakes such as unsolicited e-mailing and not focusing on their core business are common mistakes committed daily. These must be addressed so that the profits are not wasted.
Therefore, I’ve written this guide on how to overcome these common mistakes :
- Sending Ezines from their Yahoo! or Gmail
- Not giving good or useful content
- Neglecting the ‘subscriber only’ privilege
- Forgetting about publish your Ezine in RSS
- Publishing whenever they feel like it
- Neglecting the older archived issues
- Never offering any bonuses
- Not focusing on their business
- Signing up people without getting them to opt-in
- Neglecting the personal touch

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