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Marketing To Senior Citizens

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Introducing ... Marketing To Senior Citizens ...

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What Is a Senior?

The term "senior citizen" is used often to refer to people who have reached the age at which they can collect social security or traditionally retire - in other words, age 65. Most dictionaries also define a senior citizen as age 65.

A lot of marketing seems to be targeted at people younger than 50. Sadly, this is a huge mistake. Baby boomers and seniors make up a huge market today. Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1965, and those who are older and who are senior citizens, own over 70 percent of all disposal income. When you consider that fact, it’s a huge untapped market. 

Compared to younger populations, seniors have a much higher net worth than their younger counterparts. Mostly, this is due to investing and saving and having a long work life. This makes them a ripe market for smart business owners who have products and services of interest to senior markets. 

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