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Membership Mogul

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Introducing ... Membership Mogul ...

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You may have noticed a trend toward creating monthly subscriptions in just about every industry you can think of—books, video games, movies, television, music, apps, services, food, clothing—you name it, there’s probably some sort of subscription option associated to it.

You can even get razor blade deliveries with an automated, monthly subscription option!

Think about all the different companies that have started monthly recurring membership programs and it’ll quickly become apparent just how profitable they must be, right?

Amazon has its Amazon Prime program, its Kindle Unlimited program, and its Amazon Fresh program. You have streaming content providers like Netflix and Hulu.

There’s music like Pandora, and Spotify, and Apple Music, and Google Music.

You have video games that charge monthly fees—everything from MMORPGs like World of Warcraft to tiny little music apps that charge a few bucks a month to access karaoke songs, songs you can play on a virtual piano, etc.

There are also unlimited magazine and book apps where you can pay a monthly fee to gain access to new book releases, and digital magazines.

Then there is the whole monthly “crate” or subscription box model that has taken the Internet by storm. This is where customers receive themed membership boxes every month around things like fitness, beauty, parenting and tech, all charging a monthly subscription fee.

There’s one main reason so many major companies are moving toward monthly subscription offers—they are incredibly profitable!

But an online membership website is one of the most profitable type of membership programs of all, because you have no inventory or shipping to deal with!

In this guide, we’re going to talk about how you can start your own membership site in just about any niche or genre you can think of, how to find members and successfully launch your membership program even if you haven’t done it before.

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