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Use Facebook Live To Build An Audience

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Introducing ... Use Facebook Live To Build An Audience ...

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Facebook Live is a new feature on Facebook that allows an individual to have the camera on the device that they are on shown live for people to see. 

Obviously, you can control what group of people are able to see this live stream. Many people use it to just have a chat with all of their friends on Facebook or to show something that is happening at the current time that may capture a few people's attention.

Certain people have taken full advantage of this feature, however, and have used and continue to use Facebook Live to promote themselves and grow an audience. Some people use it to showcase their skills, such as singing or sports related content.

Other people use it to showcase comedic things, such as a Hare and a Tortoise actually having a race, just stuff like that. It is exciting that people have learnt to utilise this certain feature of Facebook so that we can all be entertained while on Facebook in a totally different way.

From this ebook, you will learn how to use 'Facebook Live' to build an audience!

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