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Viking Product Launching Pack

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Introducing ... Viking Product Launching Pack ...

File : Private Label Rights

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Why Launch a Product? (The Super List) 

So, what does every guru online tell you to do if you want to grow your internet marketing business? 

Give away lead magnets to freebie-seekers. 

Build your list. Market affiliate products to them. Make commissions.

We’ve all heard it, right? And you know what? That strategy worked. 

Back in 2012...

Problem is, it doesn’t work anymore. Nowadays, freebie-seekers have secondary “junk” email accounts that they reserve for collecting lead magnets but otherwise they never log in to them. 

Your emails are going to inboxes where they are left untouched, floating in a sea of thousands of other marketing emails. This, combined with the fact that many people even use fake email addresses, is what has led to such severely low email open rates throughout the industry. 

And not only does a list of freebie-seekers almost never open your emails, but the few of them that do will almost never buy anything. Why? Because they’re freebie-seekers!

So, what is it that successful internet marketers are doing differently? 

They’re each building a “super list”. A super list (phrase coined by the great Alex Jeffreys), is a list of real people, with real email addresses that they actually check, who actually habitually take out their credit cards and buy things online. In other words, it’s a buyers list. 

The difference between a buyers list and a freebie-seeker list is night and day. One makes you money and the other makes you angry.

So how do you get a buyers list? 

Easy. You launch a product and you get affiliates to send traffic to it. Then you simply integrate your payment platform with your autoresponder service so that buyers get added as subscribers automatically. Don’t worry. It’s not as crazy as it sounds and, more importantly, it’s the only way you’ll move forward in internet marketing.

Now we should note that this guide assumes you’ve already got a core product created. It’s okay if you don’t have a sales structure set up yet, such as sales pages, a funnel, or a member’s area, because we’ll cover all that next. 

But at a minimum we’re assuming you’ve already got a product created, whether it be an eBook, a video course, or a software tool. If you haven’t created a product yet, just grab our Product Creation guide which will have you cranking out digital products in no time.

This ebook has more details ...

This pack contains audio, ebook, report and videos!

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