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Website Design And Development

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Introducing ... Website Design And Development ...

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Brief Note :

For the average webmaster, design and development are words that are most often associated with the overall character of a website. How it looks, how it presents itself to the viewer, how it will adapt to future “design” changes. 

Of course, if your primary objective is to earn money online, the concept of design and development has a slightly different (and much less flamboyant) meaning.

The design factor merely relates to simplicity and function. 

Basically, you want a viewer to be able to interact with the website in an efficient and effective manner. That could mean :

- following a pre-planned sales letter “trail” to a specific order button for a specific product

- easily navigating through valuable content where products are sold or Google ads are displayed (or both)

- accessing information which is directly linked to searchable keywords that are associated with Google ads

With those three purposes in mind, earning money online means you'll be involved with one or more of these primary website categories:

1. Sales Letter - using a single sales page to sell a specific product

2. Content Driven - developing a substantial volume of content pages that are based on a particular niche area or subject matter

3. Adsense - building a website with the sole purpose of generating income through your Google Adsense ads

Each one of these requires both a different approach and a different design. We'll take them one at a time, starting with the ever popular sales letter website.

This ebook has more details ...

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