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Affiliate Link Defender Software

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Master Resell Rights


Introducing ... Affiliate Link Defender Software ...

File : Master Resell Rights

Brief Note :

This Affiliate Link Defender Software allows you to :

- Protect your affiliate links and keep your hard earned commissions from being stolen from the nasty affiliate thieves!

- Redirect your cloaked links to any site of your choice so that others won't even notice it's an affiliate link And you’ll still be credited for your commissions!

- Bypass merchants’ squeeze pages and send your prospects directly to their sales pages or even your order page, which eliminates a step and increases your chances of making a sale!

- Have the luxury of linking to even your own sale pages that you've created or other marketing materials in the event that your merchants' sales pages are of inferior quality!

- Skyrocket your affiliate commissions and elevate you to the super affiliates status!
- And Much Much More!

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