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Link Keeper Plugin

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Introducing .... Link Keeper Plugin .....

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Finally! A Fast & Easy Way To Improve Your SEO, Make More Sales, And Track Your Results!

Introducing : Link Keeper Plugin For WordPress - Easily Retrieve & Insert Frequently Used Links Without Ever Leaving The Editor

Here's the problem with WordPress' built in link-builder: The search feature stinks, forcing you to leave the page to find the post or sales page you want to link to. Not only that, but there's no way to effectively track engagement.

With Link Keeper, you can easily:

- Create a database of frequently used links you can use to populate your blog posts on the fly.

- Create short links for use in social media and images--perfect for sales pages and affiliate promotions.

- Specify the anchor text for each link, so you never have to wonder what to say--just click to add your link and your preferred anchor text appears as if by magic!

- Create endless calls to action for your VA--make it easy for her to monetize your posts.

- Track your stats--because unless you know how many readers are clicking a link, you can't know what your return on investment is.
Insert links directly from your post and page editor--no more hunting through spreadsheets or other tools.

- Search your pre-defined links to find exactly the one you need.

- Add a custom css class to turn links into buttons--set this up once and use it over and over again! It's perfect for calls to action!

- Organize your links by category, so you'll always know where to find them.

- Create an unlimited list of links--you'll never need another link shortener.

- Specify a reader-friendly slug for long, unreadable affiliate links.

- And best of all, because it's made just for WordPress, you know it will be fast and easy to install and use! 

- No complicated configuration; no techy upload headaches; no learning curve!

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