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Push Notification WordPress Plugin

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Personal Use


Introducing ..... Push Notifications WordPress Plugin .....

File : Personal Use Rights

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ATTENTION: WordPress website owners looking for better reader engagement !

How To Easily Bring Readers Back To Your Website Again And Again, Any Time You Want!

Introducing .... Push Notifications WordPress Plugin  - Create An On-Demand Flood Of Website Traffic  At The Push Of A Button !

Here's just some of the businesses that can use the Push Notifications plugin for WordPress:

- Coupon bloggers who post time-sensitive offers. 
- Recipe bloggers who want readers to have this week's meal plan. 
- Software developers who make critical changes to their code. 
- Membership site owners who want to be sure members get the latest content. 
- Fiction bloggers who want their fans to get the latest chapter. 
- Review bloggers who rely on affiliate commissions and must be the first to post their review. 
- Entertainment bloggers with hot news to share. 
- Security blogs with important information about the latest hacking. 
- Fitness bloggers who want to prompt readers to work out or eat healthy. 
- Bloggers who run contests and want to remind readers to enter or vote. 
- Product creators who want to notify customers about your latest offer. 
- Coaches who want to let clients know about upcoming group calls. 
- Any WordPress website owner who needs to ensure readers receive pertinent information on time, every time. 

As you can see, the uses for this plugin are nearly endless. But even better than that, it's as easy to set up and use as you'd expect from a WordPress plugin :

- One-click installation via your WordPress dashboard. 
- Easy-to-follow instructions for making use of Google's "push notifications" technology on your blog. 
- Unlimited push notifications allowed--plus you can see all your past notifications and how many users each was sent to. 
- View stats on number of registered users so you can gauge your growth. 
- One-click subscription makes it easy for your readers--no name or email fields to fill in. 
- Custom widget lets you place your subscribe button in any sidebar or footer. 
- Short-code option allows button placement on any page or post. 
- One-click unsubscribe lets readers opt-out of receiving notifications whenever they choose. 


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