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The Complete IM Strategy

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Introducing ... The Complete IM Strategy ...

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The Future-Proof SEO and Internet Marketing Plan!

Good SEO means understanding what Google is looking for and making sure that your websites and your clients’ websites meet those criteria. But great SEO means preempting what Google is going to look like in the future and where it is heading. 

This way, you can ‘future proof’ your SEO against changes to the algorithm, or Google’s overall direction. 

This is a lesson that SEOs have learned hard in the past. The original version of Google worked purely by looking at the number of links pointing at a website and by looking at the number of times the keywords were repeated in the text. If you wanted to get to the top of Google back then, all you had to do was to post hundreds of articles, each with keywords stuffed into it, and likewise buy lots of links, swap lots of links and upload your site to link directories.

But then Google did a U-turn. Suddenly, Google didn’t want people gaming its system any more. Suddenly Google didn’t want people creating poor quality content by ‘keyword stuffing’ any more.

And let’s be honest: it was obvious this would happen. The current system meant that anyone could get to the top of Google with a low quality site, without caring at all about the user. Google would not want to support that, because it would ultimately result in Google losing traffic.

Anyway, Google made its updates: it introduced Google Panda and Google Penguin and suddenly, thousands-if-not-millions of sites were massively downgraded. 

Businesses closed their doors. Entrepreneurs had to get real jobs. It was chaos!

People ranted and raved at Google for not giving warning, for not telling people what it wanted.

But Google was doing what it always did: serving the customer. 

And a few clever SEOs who saw this coming were ready. They had built sites using smarter strategies and their sites were aimed at the visitors more than simply being designed to serve Google.

That is what great SEO means now. SEO is in perma flux. The algorithms are never changing. In fact, the whole point of the ‘Hummingbird algorithm’, is that it allows Google to update its index constantly and in real-time.

So you need to do better. You need to get inside the mind of Google to create a future proof SEO and internet marketing plan.

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