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Daily Routines

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Introducing ... Daily Routines ...

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What Is a Routine? 

A routine is any set of actions that are repeated, habitually and without much thought. 

Routines come in different sizes. They can be as small and simple as the few keystrokes it takes to turn on and unlock your computer, or as large and complex as the daily schedule that keeps you and your family fed, cleaned, clothed, and attending your work, school, and leisure activities. 

For most of us, our days are made up of various routines, stitched together. We have a routine upon waking, a routine for getting to work, a routine we do when we get to the office, a routine at the gym, and so on. 

By their very nature, routines happen on autopilot, freeing our minds for other things. After all, can you remember in detail exactly how you got to work this morning? Or did you just get there somehow, without really remembering all the steps? 

If you are like most people, your commute to work happens automatically. You walk to the bus or pull onto the highway while thinking about other things. 

It’s precisely this automatic nature of routines that makes them powerful. Once we make something a regular habit, we no longer have to concentrate on it.   

So, the key to harnessing the power of routines is in recognizing those portions of each day that have become routine. 

The next step is to analyze those routines. Are they helping you, or hurting you? Recognize what works and what doesn’t, then change your routine to improve your life in whichever way you choose - whether you want to finish your novel, get in shape, organize your life, or just have more time for your kids. 

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