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How To Sell $200K A Year In Low-Ticket Sales Audio Pack

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Introducing .... How To Sell $200K A Year In Low-Ticket Sales Audio Pack ....

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Discover the Secret to Selling $200k a Year in Low-Ticket Sales in 6 Hours a Week!

Here's a quick review of what you'll discover in this powerful training:

- A Total Overview - a Candid Explanation of Why I Chose the Warrior Forum, why I stopped using their wso posts and self-host now, and what I did to engineer $200k in sales last year (and already up to $67k this year - 3 months in)

- The key things that made it happen, and what I would have done differently

- The EXACT Sales Page Formula I Use

- The exact method I use to attract affiliates

- The exact launch emails I use

- The key to big cash-flow windfall paydays (can do this monthly)

- The secret to volume

- The secret to inspiration - where I get my ideas

- The exact upsell formula I use

- The exact pricing formula for the front end

- The exact pricing formula for the backend/upsells/OTOs

PLUS - my exclusive WSOOTD formula - I've received WSOOTD repeatedly, again and again, using this formula.

PLUS - My exclusive WSO planning document that reveals the exact brainstorming I did at the beginning of my big push on the Warrior Forum - deep insights into the Warrior Forum and how to dominate it as I have!


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