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List Landslide

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Master Resell Rights


Introducing ... List Landslide ...

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The money is in the list, they say.

What is a list, exactly? 

Basically, it’s short for email marketing list or email autoresponder list. 

These emails are the contact information of visitors who come to your site who are looking for specific information on your niche topic.

In order to build a list, you will need to have an email autoresponder set up.

The two most common autoresponders in the market are:

• Get response (
• Aweber (

It is compulsory for anyone who wishes to start an online business to get an autoresponder account. 

This will be used to manage your subscribers and mass email your list with offers and information of interest.

Fortunately, these autoresponders come in different packages for big and small entrepreneurs, so choose your desired package wisely.

Once you have an autoresponder account set up, you’ll have to set up a business system for collecting leads or subscribers, which I will explain more in detail in this ebook!

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