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Twitterverse Explained

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Introducing ... Twitterverse Explained ...

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Today, Twitter is a social website used by absolutely millions of people to send messages to groups and friends every day. 

It has become one of the hottest social networks on the Internet today with thousand of new people signing up on a daily basis. 

This new phenomenon, ranks right up there with Facebook and LinkedIn for social contact and social media marketing. 

Today, companies are using this information to keep their friends, families, and customer base up to date on what is happening in their lives, families, and business ventures. 

Twitter has long since considered itself to be one of the top communication systems for exchanging quick little “blurbs” of infor-mation with those you wish to keep in touch with. 

This short and direct communication has become known as “Tweets”, or short form messaging system, that allows a connected individual to share and listen to what is happening to and with the people their surround themselves.

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