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Traffic Lottery

Traffic Lottery is a Web 2.0 Play lottery and win traffic to promote your website.It's FREE Services. Admin can earn by placing Ad network Banners in top and bottom and Selling VIP Memebrships.

* How it works?
- It is as simple as lottery. You just need to submit your web page's url and you get a chance to win the lottery.

* What do I pay? And what do I win?
- What you pay is to visit today's winning web page. And what you win is all the traffic to your website for the day.

* How many time can I submit my web page?
- You are allowed to submit only one url per day. But Admin can customize it

* Are all websites permitted?
- No. Websites with pornography, obscene or defamatory content will be removed and banned permanently.

* How often does the lottery draw take place?
- The lottery draw takes place every night at server time12:00 AM. But Admin can customize it

* If I win today, what are my changes to win again tomorrow?
- The winning web page is selected through a random algorithm. Every draw is independent of previous results.

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