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CB Niche Builder

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"Discover The Secrets Of A Super Affiliate Marketer Who Creates Multiple High Profit Niche Sites Within Minutes!"

Finally, Find Out How YOU Can Quickly And Easily Discover High Profit Affiliate Products In The Marketplace And Build Instant Niche Sites, Ready To Make Money For You As Soon As Possible!

Dear Friend & ClickBank Affiliate Marketer,

Would you like to: (Tick anyone of the following boxes that apply to you.)

Make multiple streams of income from marketing merchant products as an affiliate?
Instantly know which profitable product at you should sell?
Save time and effort on conducting Niche Marketing research from products?
Avoid from having your affiliate commissions stolen?
If you have checked any one or more of the boxes above, then this is going to be the most important letter you will ever read!

It can be very quick, easy and profitable for you, too, if you know how to and do it right. But first:


Even if you already have an account registered with, what I am about to tell you will reaffirm your beliefs that there are massive profits to be made here.

With the demand for digital products growing rather rapidly especially in the last couple of years, digital product owners are now more in dire need of Affiliate Marketers than ever.

The result: there are handsome profits to be made in Affiliate Marketing. It makes sense anyway, because:

You don't have to create the product yourself,
You don't have to create your own promotion materials as most product owners will provide them, and
it can't get any better when you can help sell for a decent percentage in commissions!
And it gets even better when you market products from the marketplace as an affiliate.

Since has an established online marketplace which dates way back to several years ago, and will continue to be the leading Internet marketplace for digital products in years to come, hundreds of thousands of dollars are being made there everyday.

Yep, that's right. It's a massive sum of money often easier said than made and you probably know it, too, since you are a Affiliate Marketer yourself.

But there is something else I would like to show you, and that is...

A Sure-Fire Method On How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Make A Fortune From Becoming A Affiliate!
If an extra $10,000.00 or even $1,000.00 means something to you (think about the things you can buy with this sum), then listen up. Because the affiliate money-making profit method is so simplified, you'd probably regret for not checking under your nose!

One sure-fire way for Affiliate Marketers (that's you alright) do to make their money online is to build niche sites.

Read that -- build niche sites. It's a proven, time-tested school of thought that super affiliates subscribe to. As a matter of fact, here is a simple formula you can follow:

Research and discover a hungry, profitable niche to penetrate into.
Find and join rewarding affiliate programs that caters to that niche.
Build one or several niche sites, with your affiliate links embedded.
Drive targeted traffic into your niche site. And
Start making money!

There Are Ifs And Buts, Of Course.
You might be thinking that there's all to the secret of making money online in the shoes of a super Affiliate Marketer.

But there are some problems (and BIG ones) that I suspect even some top Affiliate Marketers are reluctant to discuss about.

For starters, the stunning truth about Affiliate Marketing (not just about is that more than 95% of the affiliates are not making any decent income.

Frightening but true. Evidently, a friendly Internet Entrepreneur of mine who runs an affiliate program told me that out of 71 affiliates he has recruited, only 4 of them were producing results in referral sales! Later, he went on to say that he was actually fortunate because usually, the odds are worse for most affiliate programs.

Why More Than 95% Of The Affiliate Marketers Fail Miserably And Are Struggling To Make Money Online!

Niche Marketing research can be time and effort consuming, which already puts many people off. And if this step is omitted, the average Affiliate Marketer would only find out that the niche he or she has chosen is rather obscure when it's too late.

The battle for profits is lost the moment the Affiliate Marketer chooses to join a non-rewarding affiliate program.

The lack of HTML, programming and designing knowledge disables an Affiliate Marketer from creating his or her own niche site. The result: there is a big gap between those who cannot start their own niche site and those who go on to make money from it.

If done wrongly, the niche site can rank very low in the major Search Engines thus decreasing the chance of getting valuable targeted prospects to the niche site the Affiliate Marketer has built.
I know it can intimidate some people, but it shouldn't intimidate YOU.

Attention: This letter is NOT about you becoming part of the 95% Affiliate Marketers who are not making any money. This letter is about you joining the ranks of successful 5% Affiliate Marketers!

Having said that, here's a solution on how YOU can tackle the problems more than 95% of the Affiliate Marketers are having smartly and then, quickly and easily join the ranks of successful Affiliate Marketers!

CB Niche Builder

Leverage On This Powerful Software And Instantly Build Your Very Own High Profit ClickBank Affiliate Niche Sites -- Without Spending Hours, Days Or Even Weeks On Niche Marketing And Affiliate Program Research!

What is CBNicheBuilder in a nut shell?

* CBNicheBuilder Software allows you to search the whole Clickbank Database for products related to a specific niche and automatically build scores of webpages for you to market.

* It also ensures that you can promote CB products that will pay you high commissions.

* All CBNB webpages are cloaked with your CB affiliate ID included inside of each page.

* Other less robust CB scripts gather the whole CB database where the affiliate ends up blindly promoting products that don't even pay. CBNB allows you to filter out any such non-rewarding products so you can focus only on products that reward you well with commissions you deserve.

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