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FB Ads Framework Video Series Pack

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Introducing ... FB Ads Framework Video Series Pack ...
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There are 10 video parts in this pack!
Followings are the details:
Video #1 - Introduction to FB Ads
Have you ever wondered why your Facebook ads do not convert? The reason why is that most people jump with two feet and start creating ads. In this video, we will discuss the course itself and what you need to get started.
Video #2 - Paid Traffic Mindset
Before you create your Facebook ads, let us discuss why you need a mindset shift and what that looks like.  This is the sole reason why some people succeed and paid traffic, while others fail.  Jumping into Facebook ads without knowing this is a sure way to fail.
Video #3 -  Who Are You Targeting?
Doing this one wrong will give you horrible results.  In other words, knowing who you are targeting and how to target them is very important.  This is the first step to your road to doing Facebook Ads the right way.
Video #4 - FB Insights
After you get a better grasp of WHO you are targeting, it is time to back that up with actual data. Fortunately, you can use a free, but powerful tool to get this data.  This is very important especially before running any type of Facebook ad.
Video #5 - Creating an Avatar Profile
Now that you have gathered the right data from Videos 3, 4, and 5, it is time to create your customer's avatar profile.  This is simply a document that tells you what your ideal customer should look like and everything about them that you would need to find out.
Video #6 - Important Ad Rules
You should never setup ads until you have understood what Facebook does not like and what they want.  Creating ads that violate policy is a sure way to get your account banned.  So going over the rules is crucial.
Video #7 - The Pixel
Before you run ads, you need to make sure you have your pixel created and installed.  We will go over this, so you get the proper tracking setup.
Video #8 - Ad Campaigns
Now it is time to setup your Facebook Ad campaign.  The campaign is what holds your ad sets and your ads and understanding your objective is crucial.  In this video, you will get to see us setup an ad campaign in step by step manner.
Video #9 - Ad Sets
Now it is time to setup your Facebook Ad Set.  The ad set is the child of an Ad campaign and it is what holds your ads.  In this video, you will get to see us setup an ad set step by step.
Video #10 - Ads
Now it is time to setup your Facebook Ads.  You will need to have your creative ad in hand to do this.  The ad is the child of an Ad set.  In this video – you will get to see us setup an ad in step by step manner.
So, grab this video course today and begin setting up your Facebook ad the right way.

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