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Passive Crypto Profits Video Series Pack

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Introducing ... Passive Crypto Profits Video Series Pack ...

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Hello and welcome to this course entitled crypto passive profits. 

We are going to start with this first introductory lecture, which is called Introduction to Crypto wealth. And in this lecture, we are going to discuss three main methods that we
are going to cover in this course about how to generate passive income from cryptocurrency, which is a trend at the moment, and it's starting to become widely adopted. 

So, let's move on.

Here are the three methods of passive earnings that we are going to discuss in this course.

1. The first one is: Staking cryptocurrencies. Which means basically that there are platforms where you can deposit your different types of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, aetherium, and others. And because of staking them, they're basically you are putting them in a safe deposit. And most of the time you don't have access to them for a limited period of time. Basically, you will earn an interest in that crypto.

2. Then we have the second method which is: Lending. There are platforms like the peer to peer lending platforms, where for example, if you have Bitcoin, or aetherium, or any other type of cryptocurrency, you can lend that cryptocurrency and you earn an interest on that usually it's somewhere between 10% or and goes up to even 25, 30, 40% per year depending on the cryptocurrency. But the average and the one that you should consider is the,
somewhere between the 10 and 12%.

3. And then we have the third method which is: Copy Trade Platforms. There are a lot of platforms, which allow you to copy different traders these are trading platforms where people trade cryptocurrency and obviously there are some people there who are professional traders and do this as someone would do a normal job and they are professional at that and you can see their results and you can copy them.

So these are the free things we are going to talk about are the free methods we are going to talk about that allow you to generate passive income from cryptocurrency ...

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