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Cloud Storage

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Introducing .... Cloud Storage .....

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Cloud storage has been around for a while but not everyone is using it. When cloud storage first became available users were concerned about how safe and secure their data would be. 

As time went on cloud storage companies have shown that they are a reliable and safe way to store your business and/or your personal data.

By storing your information 'in the cloud' you are freeing up space on your hard drive. Or you may prefer to use your cloud storage as a backup option. If you do this you need to have the ability to sync your files so the latest versions are always in the cloud.

Cloud storage indicates that your data is being stored remotely. This also means that it is much harder for a would be hacker to locate your data. Another plus is that you can access your data at any location around the world. You just require an internet connection.

At one time the majority of business owners used external hard drives to back up their data. While this is a good option, even these drives can fail and your data is lost. Having additional cloud storage space means that you can easily save another copy of your data. So even if your first line of defence failed your second would still be in place.

The great part about using a cloud storage company is that the majority of them can backup your data automatically. So once you have your account setup and working, backups would happen at a certain time each day or week as required.

Most cloud storage solutions allow you to store any type of data including documents, music, photos and videos. Some do have restrictions or limitations when it comes to videos though.
There arenumerous cloud storage companies available, some have free plans and others are purely paid options. When choosing a provider consider the volume of data you wish to store and choose accordingly. You may prefer to look for a storage solution where you can increase your space as your needs grow.

Cloud storage is a fairly new concept to many people. One advantage is that it can be used by everyone for both personal and for business purposes. Cloud storage is just as its name suggests storing data in a remote location - in the cloud - by using an internet connection.

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