What is Super-Resell?

Super-resell.com offers thousands of resell able products categorize in a neat database allow users to find products easily. Combined with a powerful search engine and products grouping into categories, Super-resell is the largest and most organize resell right products membership on the internet.

What is the membership that Super-Resell provides?

The Super-Resell.com membership allows user to pay a price and have access to every single product on Super-Resell.com. This is the best value. Instead of buying the product one by one, by purchasing a membership one will have access to everything on the site.

If I subscribe to the Super-Resell membership, will I have access to everything?

Yes, that’s the whole idea behind it. 

Is this a recurring billing membership?

If you are on the auto recurring membership, then yes your credit card will be billed to renew your account automatically when the period expired. You can cancel the recurring payment anytime at paypal.

I have signed up, how can I download the product?

Once you signed up, you will immediately have download access to every single product on the web site without the needs to pay for individual product again. To download the product, simply login to your account and click on the product detail page of the product that you wanted to download. Once you're in the product detail page, scroll down and you should be able to see that the download link is visible at the bottom.

After I made the payment, what will happen?

After you have made the payment, you will have instant access to the member area and you can start download the product that you like instantly. If you purchase other products, you will have access to the products which you purchased instantly as well.

What payment do you accept?

We accept payment via paypal and paypal accept credit cards, debit cards, echeque and all type of different cards from almost every part of the world.

Is there any restriction what I can and what I cannot do with the products?

Each product come with different license attached to them, once you downloaded a product, check the term of condition within the product to see what you can and cannot do with the product. If the product doesn’t come with any license details, then you will be automatically granted a common resell right license. For more license right details please see below explanation about each different type of license.

What is Resale Rights / Resell Rights (RR)?

A Resell rights license give you the rights to resell the products but you cannot grant any resell right license to your customers.

What is Master Resell Rights (MRR)?

This license grants you the right to resell the product with basic resell rights along with it. In short, you can grant basic resell right license (NOT Master Resell Right) to your customers as well.

What is Private Label Rights (PLR)?

This is the best license of all, this license allows you to brand the products as your own and resell them to your customers.

What is Give Away Right?

This license gives you the right to give the products for free.



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