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Virtually Free

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Introducing ...... Virtually Free .......

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Brief Note :

Imagine if you didn't have to do another business task you hate ever again! Hiring A Virtual Asssitant Can Do JUST That!

This introductory course will teach anyone the basice of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA).

This course will break down the reasons you should consider hiring one, as well as the steps to take to start hiring a Virtual Assistant as soon as possible !

Topics include :

- Introduction
- What you can expect form a "virtual" relationship
- Hiring a VA - WHy?
- What a VA can do for your business
- What a VA can do for your personal life
- The benefits of a VA
- Preparing to hire a VA
- How to post a job description for a VA
- How to hire a VA
- The interview
- Negotiating pay
- Best practices working with a VA
- Final thoughts 

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